Procurement processes.

At the heart of modern procurement management, we at GDP enable a seamless and efficient design of the entire procurement cycle. This overview illustrates how the GDP data hub optimizes all processes from the creation of the delivery schedule to electronic invoicing. By using our data hub, companies can not only save time and costs but also significantly improve their adaptability to dynamic market requirements.

1. Delivery Schedule

The delivery schedule is a central component of the EDI-supported procurement process. It enables precise planning and coordination of goods deliveries between suppliers and buyers. Through EDI, delivery schedules can be exchanged automatically, leading to significant time savings and a reduction in errors.

2. Order

When ordering via EDI, purchase orders are electronically sent from the buyer to the supplier. This process ensures a fast and error-free transmission of order data, contributing to more efficient order processing and improved inventory control.

3. Order Confirmation

After receiving an order, the supplier sends back an order confirmation. This step confirms the details of the order and ensures that both parties have the same information. EDI enables immediate and accurate confirmation, thereby minimizing misunderstandings and delivery delays.

4. Order Change

Changes to orders may be required at any time. With EDI, such changes can be communicated efficiently and without the usual delays that occur with manual processes. This increases flexibility in the procurement process and improves responsiveness to changing requirements.

5. Delivery Note

The delivery note is a crucial document that contains the details of the goods shipped. Through EDI, the delivery note is transmitted electronically, allowing for immediate verification and recording of the goods upon arrival. This speeds up the entire delivery process and reduces paperwork.

6. e-Invoice

The electronic invoice (e-invoice) is revolutionizing the invoicing process. With EDI, invoices are transferred directly from the supplier’s system to the buyer’s accounting system, shortening processing time and improving accuracy. This leads to faster payment cycles and improved cash flow management.

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