100% overview.

With GDP’s innovative File Cockpit, you have a user-friendly interface to easily track transactions between you and your business partners managed by GDP. This portal allows you to always maintain full control over your data transfers. Through secure data transmission and automatic data format adaptation, you can promptly identify any issues and monitor the status of your data transmission.

Our simple, clear design ensures that you always have an overview of the current status of your data transfers. We provide clear status information and high user-friendliness to make your work easier.

How to digitize your business flow.

Further advantages:

  • Search function
  • Filter options
  • Individual scopes

Our intuitive search function, customizable filters and a user-friendly interface allow you to quickly and effectively gain an overview of your data flow.

GDP’s Filecockpit, with its helpful and interactive support and constant insight into your data situation, offers significant added value. We are constantly striving to improve our services in order to offer you the highest quality. Discover the benefits of the new Filecockpit from GDP and experience the difference.