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We understand that it takes a lot of trust when it comes to data. That’s why we’ve decided to implement a transparent status page for all our systems, allowing you to verify the reliability and stability of the GDP Data Hub at any time.

Checking the history

With the status page, you have the opportunity to review all our systems for their past downtime. By continuously monitoring the status of our systems, you gain a comprehensive understanding of the stability and availability of our systems.

Viewing maintenance

To ensure system stability and continuously enhance performance, regular maintenance is conducted at intervals. During these times, there are planned downtimes for our systems. You can always view these maintenance windows on the status page.

Download certificates

If certificates for interfaces need to be renewed and replaced, you will also find the advance notice on our status page in due time. Here, you will also find the link for certificate download.

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GDP is your key to seamless business communication. Whether orders, delivery bills or invoices – we ensure that your data reaches your business partners in exactly the right format.

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