Global Digital Post revolutionizes electronic information exchange with your business partners through EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) by making it as simple and cost-effective as possible.

Seize the opportunity for more efficient business processes – choose Global Digital Post now. Optimize your EDI and save costs in the process!

Predictable Costs

You benefit from a fixed monthly flat rate with this service Your advantage: Regardless of the number of documents sent per month – the price remains the same. This ensures a transparent cost structure for you, both in terms of setup and with regard to monthly fees.

Document Types

Global Digital Post (GDP-EDI) covers the entire process chain and enables the transmission of a wide range of document types:

Delivery Call-Off (DELFOR)
Order (ORDERS)
Order Change (ORDCHG)
Master Data (PRICAT)
Inventory Report (INVRPT)
Call-Off (CALL OFF)

Order Response (ORDRSP)
Dispatch Advice (DESADV)
Invoice (INVOIC)
Credit Note (CREDIT NOTE)
Payment Advice (REMADV)

If your company requires additional document types not listed in our current selection, please do not hesitate to contact us. Global Digital Post is committed to expanding your range of transferable documents according to your needs.

Data Formats

Global Digital Post (GDP-EDI) seamlessly adapts to the requirements of your business partners by converting your internal data formats into the required target structures. We process a variety of structured formats in various versions, including:





What is EDI?

With Global Digital Post (GDP), the electronic exchange of orders, delivery notes, or invoices is as simple as sending emails. This gives you more time for your business, while GDP handles the document exchange between you and your business partners. This frees up more time for your business, as GDP takes care of the document exchange between you and your partners.

How to digitize your business flow.

GDP is your key to seamless business communication. Whether orders, delivery bills or invoices – we ensure that your data reaches your business partners in exactly the right format.

Ready to revolutionize your business relationships?

  • Strengthen the connection to your customers.
  • Simplify coordination with your suppliers.
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