Support for international e-invoicing requirements.

Handling e-invoices with Global Digital Post (GDP) is incredibly simple, even in light of stricter global regulations and integration with systems like Peppol. We offer a solution that ensures continuous compliance with technical standards.

With the GDP Data Hub, you can meet the technical requirements for e-invoicing on an international level and gain access to the extensive Peppol network.

Worry-free compliance with legal e-invoicing requirements: GDP takes care of the ongoing adaptation to current or changed regulations, including format updates, on your behalf. Existing processes for e-invoice exchange can be seamlessly integrated into our platform.

Global Digital Post is a proud member of the European E-Invoicing Service Providers Association (EESPA). As part of this prestigious organization, we are committed to promoting and supporting electronic invoicing standards within Europe. Through our membership in EESPA, we are at the forefront of developments in the e-invoicing industry, enabling us to offer our customers advanced, standards-compliant solutions.


  • Standardization and Compliance: As an EESPA member, Global Digital Post has access to the latest information and standards in the field of electronic invoicing, ensuring that the services provided consistently align with current legal requirements and best practices.
  • Network and Partnerships: Global Digital Post benefits from a wide network of service providers and can leverage partnerships to offer cross-border and interoperable solutions. This expands the reach and facilitates integration with systems from other providers.
  • Influence on Policy and Standards: As a part of EESPA, Global Digital Post can contribute to shaping policies and standards that influence the future of electronic invoicing. This influence helps represent the interests of customers and the company at the European level.
  • Innovation Leadership: By exchanging ideas with other leading providers, Global Digital Post remains at the forefront of technological development and can bring innovative solutions to the market more quickly.

Global Digital Post is a certified provider of the Peppol network, which facilitates standardized cross-border electronic data exchange. As a Peppol provider, we guarantee our customers a seamless and secure integration of their business processes with international partners. This not only facilitates access to new markets but also ensures efficient, transparent, and compliant transactions on a global scale.


  • Expanded Market Access: As a Peppol provider, Global Digital Post can provide its customers access to an international network, opening up business opportunities across national borders.
  • Increased Efficiency: Utilizing the Peppol standard allows for faster and error-free transaction processing. Process automation reduces manual effort and accelerates business operations.
  • Compliance and Security: Peppol has strict compliance requirements that ensure all transactions adhere to applicable regulations. As a provider, Global Digital Post ensures that data transmission occurs securely and
    in compliance with legal requirements.