The benefits
at a glance.

  • Dual System Operation for Flexibility: We provide you with the option to use your existing system in parallel with our advanced GDP platform, ensuring maximum flexibility and security.
  • Seamless Integration of Existing Network Connections: Your established networks can be integrated into our platform seamlessly and without interruptions.
  • Transparent Costs with Project-Based Pricing: Benefit from a clear and predictable cost structure thanks to our project-based pricing.
  • Dynamic Adjustment and Improvement During Transition: We focus on ongoing improvements and adjustments during the migration process to continuously enhance the efficiency of your business processes.
  • Discover the comprehensive features of the GDP platform: Explore the diverse and powerful features of our GDP platform and leverage them for your business.

How does the
switch work?

How does the transition work?

Easy transition to our EDI system: Our customized provider change allows for a seamless switch from your current EDI provider to our top-notch GDP Data Hub.

Your partner during the transition: We understand the uncertainties that come with switching from a trusted system. During this phase, we are here as a reliable partner for you.

Step by step to your success.

  1. Detailed analysis of your business processes: Our team takes the time to conduct a thorough analysis of the processes affected by the EDI transition. During this process, we identify key areas that require special attention.
  2. Examination of process data in ongoing operations: We analyze your current process data in real-time to gain a comprehensive understanding of your company’s operations and requirements.
  3. Creation of an exact replica in the new system: Our experts create a precise replica of your existing processes in our system, including all special cases, to ensure seamless continuity.
  4. Process evaluation: Before the final transition, we conduct a thorough evaluation of the new process structure to ensure that all aspects meet your requirements.
  5. Further optimization after migration: After a successful transition, we continue to work on refining your processes to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Your success is our goal: We are committed to ensuring that your transition to GDP is smooth, without compromising on quality and service.

How to digitize your business flow.

GDP is your key to seamless business communication. Whether orders, delivery bills or invoices – we ensure that your data reaches your business partners in exactly the right format.

Ready to revolutionize your business relationships?

  • Strengthen the connection to your customers.
  • Simplify coordination with your suppliers.
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