GDP makes the electronic exchange of information with your partners easy to the max and as affordable as never before.

EDI – simple and affordable

In your daily business, GDP optimizes the distribution of orders, delivery notes or bills between you and your customers and suppliers.

  • Thanks to GDP you don't have to waste your time worrying about your business partners' technologies. The GDP service team connects your partners to you in a short space of time.
  • GDP EDI offers an electronic solution for sending and receiving business documents like invoices, orders or other structured documents independently from the systems in use.
  • The GDP EDI platform converts all documents and sends them to the recipient in any format needed.


Calculable costs

Get GDP EDI at a monthly flat rate. The price is independent from the number of documents you send and receive per month, giving you calculable costs from launch to monthly fares.

Document types

GDP EDI works along the entire process chain. The following document types can be
transferred: master data (Pricat), orders (Orders), Forecast (Delfor), Call off, dispatch
advice (Desadv), invoice and credit memo (Invoice).

Data formats

Following your business partners' demands, GDP EDI converts your inhouse format into the format needed. GDP EDI can process different types of structured formats like edifact, XML, IDOC, CSV, flatfile, excel and many more.