Several hundred customers in Europe, the USA and Asia already use the GDP data hub for a secure, simple and flexible exchange of documents at a flat rate. Here are some companies that have successfully implemented GDP EDI.

Medi, producer of medical accessories, uses the GDP data hub for the electronic data exchange with their 18 company locations as well as with health insurance companies.
GDP gathers relevant data for medi, sets up the data format, tests and finally enables the process.

Martin Kerner, medi's deputy IT Manager says about the support provided by regional agent Helge Kress in Lichtenfels, who has profound experience in business IT solutions:
“Thanks to GDP, medi can exchange data...

Poloplast, a manufacturer of plastic pipe systems for domestic installations, canalisation and water supply based in Leonding, Austria, uses GDP EDI for the exchange of orders, delivery notes and invoices with customers in Austria and Germany.

IT Manager Thomas Kröpfl: “EDI is of strategic importance for our company: errors are avoided, orders reach the system faster. Our service level increases – a win-win situation for our customers and for Poloplast. GDP is our perfect partner who...

Market Leader Wimberger Haus now uses new invoicing workflow

More than 50% of the invoices “Wimberger Haus” receives are already being processed via the GDP data hub.

In cooperation with Hagenberg-based company Count-IT, GDP has implemented an invoicing workflow which automatically forwards incoming invoices to the review and approval process and then imports them into the financial accounting system. Additionally, all invoices are being archived.

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