GDP Invoice Outgoing

The invoice is the most important document in your daily business.
GDP takes care of all your outgoing invoices if you wish. Simply and affordably.
Just  send your invoices in the agreed format to the GDP data hub using an encrypted data line.

There are several options for sending out your invoices:

  • Forward invoices via EDI
    GDP EDI forwards your invoices to your business partners in the agreed target format. Using the web protocol you can check any time if your invoices have been delivered and processed.
  • Forward invoices in pdf format via e-mail
    If desired, your customers receive their invoices via e-mail in pdf format. The recipient does not have to be connected to a GDP system. The number of outgoing invoices is not limited.
  • Postal shipment
    If your customers prefer paper invoices, GDP will print, envelope and send your invoice via postal service.