GDP Invoice Reciept

GDP EDI automatically gathers all your incoming invoices and forwards them to your internal approval process.

Using an import routine, GDP converts your incoming invoices into a standard format.

Invoices in pdf format can also be converted into your inhouse format, so that they can be automatically loaded.

Even invoices from suppliers who do not send electronic invoices can be automatically processed by GDP.

Your suppliers send their invoices via GDP EDI. GDP will check all necessary technical and organizational details directly with your suppliers.

They can also enter invoice files using the internet-based web EDI blank form.


GDP provides an audit-proof, legally unobjectionable archiving which meets all tax office's requirements. There is no need to file documents in paper form.

GDP EDI, the archiving system and the option for digital signature will greatly simplify your processes and offer you a highly secure, flexible system for document management.