GDP Data Transfer

The flexibility of GDP EDI includes different ways of transfer:

  • AS2
    AS2 data transfer has been developed specifically for e-commerce. The sender receives a digital return receipt MDN (Message Disposition Notification) from the AS2 protocol which is prove for a delivery in due time.
  • HTTP(S) Post
    Data is transferred via HTTP or HTTPS using the standard method “post”. The sender's clear identity is authenticated either with a certificate or with user name and password.
  • (S)FTP
    Data is transferred using the ftp protocol. If you run you own ftp server for data exchange, you can use it. Alternatively, GDP provides an ftp server.
  • GDP EDI Client
    The data is transferred from sender to recipient using a secure internet connection. The GDP EDI client is installed as a service on an existing windows infrastructure.
  • X.400
    If your business partner can only send and receive data on an X.400 mailbox, GDP will provide it for you.
  • VAN
    It data is transferred via GXS, you can continue using your GSX mailbox for sending and receiving data.
  • OFTP2 via TCP/IP
    After exchanging Odette IDs, which are issued by the automotive industry, EDI data can be exchanged in both directions.