GDP Additional Options

GDP offers these additional options:

    Web EDI makes it easy for small companies to start using EDI. A uniquely developed blank form service allows your business partners to fill in forms like orders or order confirmations via internet. This information is automatically sent out over GDP data hub in the form of EDI data files.
  • Sending pdf documents by e-mail
    You can even send invoices to business partners who do not use an EDI system via e-mail (conventional e-billing). Using a secure EDI connection your invoices are sent to GDP which then forwards the invoices via e-mail. You can send out an unlimited number of invoices to your business partners by e-mail.
  • Digital Signature
    If needed, GDP EDI sends your pdf documents to a trust center which digitally signs them and sends them back to GDP. GDP then forwards the signed documents to your business partner. The trust center fee is not included in the flat rate.
  • GDP Simulation Platform
    The GDP Simulation Platform shows all possible interface problems and the entire process in advance. This is how the data hub ensures that all necessary criteria are met and offers maximal flexibility for solving problems. The Simulation Platforms advantages: transparent implementation, challenges are visible in advance, processes can be clearly analysed.