Frequently Asked Questions: Product

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Do I need a leased line internet connection to run GDP EDI?

A leased line or a VPN connection is not necessary, data can be transferred via ftp(s), (s)http, AS2 or GDP EDI over any internet connection.

Is there a statistic on documents sent and received?

Yes, you can see it via the GDP EDI web protocol. (in login area)

Kann ich kontrollieren ob meine Daten auch beim Geschäftspartner angekommen sind ?

Ja, über unser GDP-EDI WEB-Protokoll.

Can I synchronize my master data with my business partners' data using GDP EDI?

Yes, master data exchange is a commonly used feature.

Can technical drawings be sent parallel to EDI documents?

Yes, technical drawings be sent parallel to EDI documents

My business partner cooperates with another EDI provider. Can I still connect him to GDP EDI?

Yes, we check all the technical details with your business partner's provider and communicate directly with him.

Which ERP systems can communicate with GDP EDI?

GDP EDI can communicate with all ERP systems. Only requirement is that the system must be able to import and export data.

What is GDP EDI?

GDP EDI is a platform for the electronic data transfer between you, your customer and your suppliers even when the business partners have different software systems

What's the company behind GDP EDI?

The company behind the product GDP EDI is GDP (Global Digital Post GmbH) in 4053 Haid, Austria.

Which data formats are readable by GDP EDI?

GDP EDI can process all structured data formats, for example XML, IDOC, Edifact, VDA or UBL, but also ASCII files and even Excel tables

Which transfer formats can be used with GDP EDI?

All secure data connections via internet are possible like (s)ftp, http(s), AS2, oftp2 and e-mail. If none of these types is available, the GDP EDI client can be used.

How long does it take until the document is sendet to my businesspartner?

The document will be send immediately, usually within seconds. We guarantee a global delivery within ten minutes if the document is not sent per e-mail.