Frequently Asked Questions: Support

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Have you got a telephone hotline which is always available?

The telephone hotline +43 7229 80440 is available at normal office hours.


Suddenly certain data from my business partner don't reach me any more. What now?

The GDP surveillance system automatically sends out a warning if your business partner is not available any more or if the data can not be forwarded due to technical reasons (e.g. wrong format).

What happens in case of a business partner's system failure?

GDP gets informed about any possible system failure and will get in contact with your business partners if necessary. Additionally, you can check in your GDP web protocol whether your documents have reached your business partner. All data will be saved in your system until they are transferred to GDP EDI

What happens if my internet connection fails?

Your data will be stored in the system until they it has been transferred to GDP EDI.

How do you control possible transfers to a wrong recipient?

GDP checks your business partners' recipient data, thus a transfer to a wrong recipient is not possible.

How long is your response time if there is a problem with my GDP EDI?

GDP guarantees a response within three hours during office hours.