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One of the most important documents in business is the invoice.
No matter how you send or receive your invoices – GDP offers you a simple, secure and flexible solution.
If you wish, GDP takes care of all your invoicing. Incoming invoices are automatically gathered by GDP EDI and forwarded to your authorisation procedure.

GDP makes the electronic information interchange with your partners easy to the max and highly cost-efficient.
The GDP data hub is an electronic solution for sending and receiving business documents or other structured documents that works independently from systems.
These documents are converted over the GDP data hub, the recipient gets the document in any format he wishes.

GDP EDI is flexible to the max and fully adjusts to your demands.
Chose from the variants Enterprise Connection, Small Business Connection or Single Connection and add the options Web-EDI, pdf invoice via e-mail, digital signature or simulation platform if needed.

Data transfer is secure and flexible to the max. These forms of data transfer are available: